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Hello, I am Granny of Nature Spices!

Cooking is my passion and over the years I have come to know many useful tips. These cooking tips you can find on this page.
Have fun while reading and enjoy cooking.

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Granny’s Cooking Tips

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Black Pepper

Black pepper refines almost every dish and is extremely versatile. Note, however, that you always add pepper to your meal at the very end so that it can fully develop its aroma and its beneficial effects. If you want to rediscover this spice, pep up your tea with a pinch of Nature Spices Black Pepper.

Nature Spices Chili Front

Chili Pepper

You want to give your dish some fire? Then Nature Spices Chili is just right for you. But be careful and do not underestimate its pungency. If your food gets too spicy, you can, depending on the dish, soften the spiciness by skimming off fat or adding carrots, potatoes, some honey, wine, broth or milk.

Nature Spices Turmeric Front


Start your day with a “Golden Latte”. Heat milk in a saucepan, add a little ginger, Nature Spices Turmeric, Nature Spices Black Pepper and cinnamon. In addition, to help your body absorb the curcumin of the turmeric, it’s also advised to add some coconut oil. Sweeten with honey if needed.